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Many people have asked us how they can support our work in Africa. Below are the current projects we are working on funding. You can choose to donate any amount either as a one-time donation or you can set it up to give on a regular basis. All donations are done securely through paypal and your details are never kept on file. 

If you are in Canada and would like to donate by etransfer you can still do this, through our email: Send us an email to let us know where you would like the funds to go.

Or you can donate through this paypal link: 


Urgent Need

Kalea Health & Wellness Centre

We are building a full service midwife led health facility for women in Uganda. The need is so great as most women cannot afford to pay for hospital treatement. We have experienced the loss of both mother and baby when complications arise during their pregnancy and they are turned away from the government health centre or they refuse to go there because they have been treated badly before. 

Our centre will be a place where women and girls can come not just for treatment, to delivery they baby or obtain their first ever ultrasound, but to learn about their bodies and health. 

We need to raise a total of $50,000 and have raised $5750 so far. We have far to go. Please consider donating to DOEF to help us bring life, healing and education to women and girls in Uganda. 

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