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Daughters of Eve ~ Canada

Daughters of Eve Canada is a registered bilingual nonprofit organiztion in the Province of British Columbia. We work with vulnerable women by providing support, counselling, friendship, and advocacy.

Our Main Programs 

Women's Friendship Connection

This program offers support to women from all walks of life. Maybe you are a newcomer to Canada and need help with your settlement process. Possibly you feel isolated and are looking to connect with other women.


We offer educational classes, relationship-building, social activities, and events to help build connections within the community. Why not join us for this opportunity to form meaningful connections with other women? 

Contact us to find out when our next meeting is!

Wise Women
Care and Companionship Program

Is a support service for senior women that assists primarily those who live independently in their own homes. We provide simple, non-medical home support services. Depending on our senior women's needs, support may include information & referral services, weekly or monthly visits, or a day out to a local activity. Our goal is to reduce isolation and provide support to vulnerable seniors who have limited family and community connections.

If you need assistance please contact us on (236)887-4525 and we will arrange for a support worker to meet with you. 


Safe Space - Advocacy & Support for Survivors

Sexual violence can affect many aspects of a survivor's life, including safety and health, family and work situations, and finances. These challenges often lead to perplexing personal and legal questions. We help victims navigate this maze of agencies and provide support, counselling, and advocacy throughout the entire process.

If you need assistance please contact us as soon as you are safe at (236)887-4525

Unbreakable Sisters - Womens Support Group

We run a weekly support group for women survivors of abuse. Find solace, support, and healing in a safe and confidential space. Connect with others who understand your journey, and together, embark on a path of recovery and renewal. Join us as we provide the support you need to reclaim your strength and rebuild your life. Call or email us for more details on how you can join us. (236)887-4524 or


Justice Hub for Women:
Navigating Rights in Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Justice Hub for Women, is a monthly workshop series dedicated to empowering women with knowledge about their rights in the face of domestic and sexual violence. Our sessions provide a safe space for open discussions, legal insights, and practical guidance on navigating the complexities of these sensitive issues. Led by experienced professionals and advocates, Justice Hub aims to arm women with the tools they need to assert their rights, break the silence, and foster a community of support. Join us in creating a space where women can find strength, resources, and solidarity as they navigate the path toward justice and empowerment. Contact us to find out where and when the next session takes place. 

Flower in Sunlight

We have several spring fundraisers coming up in April and May. 
Stay tuned for details.

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