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Daughters of Eve Africa

We aim to break the cycle of inequality by providing access to maternal and child health services, reproductive education, and addressing the issues of early pregnancy and marriage. Additionally, we will work towards ensuring that girls have the resources they need to stay in school, through programs such as the distribution of reusable sanitary pads.

Our Work in Uganda

Our DOEF team teaches vulnerable women employable skills and basic financial management. These skills give women the opportunity to provide food, healthcare, and education for their families.


After being trained, we provide seed grants that are used to purchase necessary items for launching their own business. When our ladies begin to work they reinvest a portion of their profits back into the cooperative so other women can receive training to begin their journey in sustainable small businesses also. This method allows us to reach more women and further empowers our members as they are giving back to their communities and into lives of other vulnerable women. 

In addition to creating economic empowerment, our women’s cooperatives provide Ugandan women a safe place to share with other women, where they support and encourage one another. This forms a sisterhood within their communities that helps increase self-esteem as they gain skills, start their own businesses, support their community, and further provide for their families.


The results are that these women gain a greater sense of purpose which positions them to have a louder voice at the table and increase decision-making power in their households and communities. As we empower women we create a change to negative and abusive cultural norms and behaviors that women and young girls often face within their communities.


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All proceeds from these delightful creations directly support our initiatives in Uganda. Your purchase not only brings joy into your life but also helps empower communities and create positive change.

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Reusable Sanitary Pads

Many girls in Uganda miss 3-5 days of school each month because they cannot afford sanitary pads. Most girls eventually end up dropping out of school altogether.


Reusable sanitary pads are crucial for keeping girls in school in Uganda. Many girls in Uganda come from low-income families and cannot afford to purchase disposable pads every month. As a result, they may miss school during their menstrual periods, which can have long-term negative effects on their education and future opportunities. Reusable sanitary pads offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution, allowing girls to manage their menstrual periods in a hygienic and dignified way. By providing access to reusable sanitary pads, girls can stay in school and continue their education, improving their chances for a better future.


Our approach involves employing women with foundational tailoring skills and training them in the production of reusable sanitary pads. While most of the pads will be distributed to schoolgirls, any excess will be sold to generate income for the project's expansion and the employment of additional tailors.

We do outreaches to schools and talk to girls aged 9 -16 about mensuration, cycle tracking, and abstinence. Our goal is to see girls stay in school for as long as possible to provide them with greater opportunities in their lives. 

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Elder Widows Support

Our organization is committed to helping elderly widows in Uganda who are struggling to make ends meet. Many of these women have lost their spouses and are left alone to provide for themselves, which can be a daunting challenge. Our monthly support program aims to provide them with the assistance they need to live with dignity and comfort.

Through our program, we provide weekly food supplementation to ensure that the widows have access to a nutritious diet. We also supply them with bedding items, such as blankets and sheets, to keep them warm during the chilly nights. In addition, we help clean up and repair their homes, which may have fallen into disrepair because of a lack of resources.

We recognize the importance of access to clean water for bathing and washing, which is why we supply the widows with water on a weekly basis.


At the moment, we are seeking sponsorship for two widows who direly need assistance. Sponsorship is just $35 Canadian per month, which can go a long way in improving the lives of these women. By sponsoring one of these widows, you can provide them with the support they need to live with dignity and comfort.


We understand the challenges faced by elderly widows in Uganda can be overwhelming, but with your help, we can make a difference in their lives. If you would like to sponsor one of these women who have no support, please contact us. Together, we can provide hope and a brighter future for these deserving individuals.

Maternal Health

In the villages where Daughters of Eve is located and works, maternal healthcare faces significant challenges. Many mothers resort to self-medication, seeking remedies from village pharmacies with limited funds and often without a clear understanding of the medications they are purchasing. Even when parents turn to government hospitals, they are handed prescriptions but left to buy the medicines independently, as the hospitals frequently lack the necessary supplies. This poses a critical issue for impoverished families who cannot afford the medications, leaving conditions untreated.

While government hospitals conduct vaccination clinics, the absence of initiatives for malaria prevention remains a glaring gap. This omission contributes to a distressing number of children succumbing to malaria because of either the absence of treatment or misdiagnosis.


In addition, maternal healthcare access is impeded by various factors. Mothers express discomfort traveling at night when in labor, and their experiences at hospitals are often marred by feelings of mistreatment from midwives and other staff. The scarcity of staff, particularly on weekends, deters mothers from seeking care at government hospitals. This complex web of challenges underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to ensure accessible, affordable, and supportive maternal healthcare in our catchment area.


Daughters of Eve is committed to addressing the maternal health needs of women in their catchment area through a multifaceted approach. Currently, the organization runs antenatal clinics, providing crucial care for expectant mothers to ensure healthy pregnancies. Recognizing the significance of proper maternal care, Daughters of Eve also distributes Mama Kits, equipping women with essential items for safe and hygienic childbirth. The organization goes beyond delivery by offering comprehensive postnatal care to support mothers and their newborns during the critical weeks after birth.


DOEF has plans to enhance its services by opening an ultrasound clinic, a vital step towards improving early detection and monitoring of pregnancy-related complications. These services will also be made available on Jaguzi Island one or two times per month.


Our Sozo Birth Centre, which will open before the end of 2024, represents a holistic approach to maternal and infant healthcare. This center will provide a complete continuum of care, including comprehensive antenatal, delivery, postnatal, and infant health services, ensuring that women in the community receive the support they need throughout their maternal journey. Daughters of Eve's dedication to universal accessibility underscores their commitment to ensuring that all women, regardless of background or circumstances, have access to the services for a healthy and safe maternal experience.


Violence Against Women - Storytelling Project

Addressing Violence Against Women (VAW) is crucial for the well-being and empowerment of Ugandans. A recent 2021 report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) revealed that Gender-Based Violence claims the lives of over 300 women in Uganda each year, yet only a meager 6% of these cases see prosecution annually.


Our mission is to cultivate communities that acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of every member equally. To achieve this, we must prioritize improving access to justice for women and girls who are victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence (SADV). DOEF advocates for the establishment of effective mechanisms to help victims escape abusive situations and receive psycho-social support. 


Our VAW Storytelling project addresses the pressing issues faced by women in Kityerera Sub-County, Mayuge District, where extreme poverty has intensified because of the decline of fishing villages on Lake Victoria, primarily caused by overfishing. This economic downturn has given rise to marital conflicts, with unemployed or absent husbands contributing to a surge in violence, rape, and abuse. The lack of awareness about different abuses, coupled with corruption within the police, courts, and government, has left victims unsupported and perpetrators unpunished.


In response to these challenges, our creative storytelling approach serves as a powerful tool for community members to engage in discussions on Violence Against Women (VAW), fostering empathy and awareness. The impact has been profound, with women expressing a newfound sense of empowerment and self-belief, overcoming the fear that stems from enduring abuse for extended periods. They now recognize the existence of organizations willing to listen to their experiences.


Looking ahead, our commitment extends beyond storytelling. We are taking concrete steps to establish village committees that will actively advocate for survivors, ensuring their rights are protected throughout the legal process. These committees will be composed of five men and women and will be established in Parishes. Each committee will undergo training on how to effectively advocate for, report, and follow up on Violence Against Women cases with the police and state attorneys. Through these initiatives, we aim to create a supportive network that combats VAW, promotes justice, and empowers women in Kityerera Sub-County to reclaim their rights and dignity.

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