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Welcome to the Daughters of Eve Foundation

Welcome, we are happy you came to visit us...

Daughters of Eve Foundation is a black-led, womens-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable black women and girls in Canada and Uganda. We are committed to creating a brighter future for those who are often forgotten and marginalized.

In Canada, we offer several programs aimed at supporting women who are facing various challenges. Our Women's Friendship Connection group provides a welcoming and supportive environment for immigrants, refugees, and newcomers to Canada. We understand that adapting to a new country can be challenging, and we want to ensure that these women feel welcome and supported as they settle into their new communities.


Our Best at Home program is designed to provide support to senior women who are living independently in their own homes. We know that aging can be difficult, and our goal is to make sure that these women have access to the assistance they need to maintain their independence and quality of life.


We also have a Victim Assistance project, which is focused on supporting women who have experienced violence or abuse. Our team of trained professionals is committed to providing support and guidance to these women as they navigate the complex legal and emotional issues that often accompany these experiences.


In Uganda, we are working to promote maternal health and natural family planning. We believe that every woman deserves access to high-quality healthcare, and we are committed to working with local communities to improve maternal health outcomes.


A world where all black women and girls, regardless of their background or circumstances, have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We envision a future where every woman has access to the resources and support she needs to live a healthy, fulfilling life, and where violence against women and girls is a thing of the past.

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To empower vulnerable black women and girls in Canada and Uganda by providing resources, education, and support services that promote health, education, economic opportunity, and social inclusion. We work towards creating lasting change by addressing the root causes of inequality and collaborating with communities and partners. Our mission is guided by our commitment to equity, justice, and compassion, and we are dedicated to creating a world where all black women and girls can thrive.

Daughters of Eve Foundation

Cultivating the Lives of Vulnerable Women & Girls

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